At Quinta do Casal Monteiro we are passionate about the art of winemaking, excelling to take special care, love and attention into every step of the vinification process.


The Terroir

We take our role as custodians of the land very seriously, as such we adopt traditional viticulture methods allied with ecological integrated management practice to sustain our vines.


The Wines

Made exclusively from Estate-grown grapes, for each brand, a different purpose and an appropriate blend, nonetheless the philosophy remains the same: The best quality possible in each segment.


Our Philosophy

Given the existence of such a "colourful pallet" of grape varieties in our Estate vineyard, our obvious choice has always been to blend as opposed to produce New World style varietals. Although it is harder to promote blends in many of the world markets, this approach is well rooted in our Portuguese centenary wine culture, and it is one of the factors that makes us different from the rest of the world wine producers.


At our company the majority of our vines are harvested by mechanical means. Hand-pick harvesting is applied only in some particular cases.

Our 100 hectare wired vineyard was planned and organized allowing the harvesting to be process by grape variety whenever each grape type reaches optimum stage for vinification.


The vinification process follows the same sequence of the harvesting and in general in performed separately for each grape variety. In some particular cases however the grapes are blended before vinification. For each type of colour the process is as follows:


The grapes are totally destemmed and fermented in tanks with programable pumping-over and under controlled temperature. The maceration yields until the end of the fermentation process.


The grapes are totally destemmed and crushed by means of a pneumatic press followed by static defecation for 36 hours. Fermentation is processed at controlled temperature.

Bottling and Ageing

Our winery has a capacity of storage and production of over 3 million litres and our annual production ranges from 700,000 to 900,000 litres.

After carefully tasting our season production, our quality controllers decide on the best batchs for ageing in wood/stainless steel and those to bottle immediately. In either case only the best is chosen for our brands.