Campo do Tejo

Campo do Tejo

Fernão Pires


Vinho Regional Tejo (IGP)

Made exclusively from estate-grown Fernão Pires grapes. This refreshing wine presents an intense aroma of white fruit. It finishes crisp, fresh and persistent.

Salads and grilled fish.

8-10ºC (46-50ºF).

The grapes are totally destemmed and crushed by means of pneumatic press. Fermentation is processed at the controlled temperature of 16ºC.

11.5% by Vol.

6.6 g/l

5 601841 002458


This is the collective effort of a community of winemakers each side of the Tagus River upstream from Lisbon, who wanted to capture the distinctively refreshing style of their native grape, Fernão Pires, for today's consumers. Reflecting current priorities, these winemakers use less fertilisers, produce wines with lower levels of alcohol, and distribute them in lighter weight bottles and packaging. Truly, wines for our times.

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